Tai Sacco society limited is Best Sacco in Kenya having been voted under the Best Managed Saccos in Kenya category. We are the leading Deposit taking Savings and Credit Society with over 28 years of operation. It was incepted and registered in 1992 as a Bosa activity under the name Kiambu Tea Growers Sacco. In January 1999, the Sacco opened its FOSA Activity in Githunguri town. In its urge to diversify and grow its customer base, the Sacco changed its name to Tai Sacco Society Limited in year 2009.

In year 2009, Kiambu Tea Growers Society Limited was rebranded to Tai Sacco Society Limited. This Re-branding was necessitated by our growth in customer base which had continued to grow and thus the need for a more encompassing name was felt. The common bond was opened and we nolonger served Tea farmers only; civil servants, dairy farmers, coffee farmers, horticultural and floricultural farmers, business community, transport industry and much more have curved in.

The name Tai is borrowed from Swahili Language which means an Eagle. An Eagle is well known for its conspicuous characters and values. On realizing that our behavior, character and are like those of an eagle. We declare to become an eagle and so we became. Join one of the Best managed Saccos in Kenya today.


Tai Plaza Behind Total Petrol Station, Githunguri Town, Kiambu County

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